Food is not to be measured, it is meant to be enjoyed.

How are we different

We will help you re-define your relationship with food by empowering you to understand your body

No Crash diets

Achieve long term sustainable changes, instead of short term

No Calorie Counting

We focus on counting goodness, not calories.

No Invasive devices

Our body is always speaking to us, if we know how to listen.

No Guilt

Eating well shouldn't feel like a chore. we help you gradually change your habits

Our process includes 4 easy steps

How It Works


Tell us your health goals and food preferences


Understand body chemistry via tongue scan


Each form is carefully analyzed by a certified Ayurveda doctor


Get to know what foods you should favor and avoid in your diet

Take Up Our 21 Day Challenge!

Detailed follow up with our habit coach who will help integrate our insights into your daily diet.

Follow the personalized plan with our P-NUT Habit coach for 21 days to minimize the risks of lifestyle diseases and even reverse the current imbalances in your body to achieve mind-body harmony.

Become the hero of your own health journey.

Get Inspired By Real Healing Stories

  • Your positive efforts towards a comprehensive health initiative designed to help me lower my blood sugar levels and improve my overall well-being through a wholesome approach with diet and lifestyle changes...

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    Aparna Razdan

    Manager, Fixed Income Group

  • I used to struggle with my weight in particular, but since learning about the P-NUT platform, everything has changed. I am thankful to the experienced habit coaches that worked with me, offered me guidance, and....

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    G Nataraja Sankara Narayanan


  • In the vastly digital and populated age, when every dietary component has been modified to satisfy human demands, P-NUT is a lifeline. Despite the fact that we were born in the digital age, maintaining ...

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    Software Engineer

  • I want to express my gratitude to my habit coach from P-NUT for her assistance with my body and skin problems. The only platform for all solutions is P-NUT. I was having trouble with my weight and facial acne. I can...

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    Swati Rastogi

    Customer Success Advocate

  • I appreciate the team's effort to make health simple and help me realize that food really is medicine that actually solves the majority of the problems. My acidity and indigestion were issues, but ever since I started...

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    Rishabh Jain

    Sr. Manager, La Premier

A truly Holistic Approach

3 secrets to Wholesome Health


No one diet fits all. Each of us are unique and have an unique internal composition. Our plan is tailored to suit your goals and needs so that your body and mind functions at its maximum potential.


Our philosophy is to help choose foods that work for your unique needs and make them more enjoyable.Healthy living is not about deprivation.Everything is good in moderation.


We focus on lifelong wellness, not quick fixes. We treat the root causes that will help you achieve long term sustainable results.

The difference is in the detail

Factors we consider for Your Personal Wellness



Diet Preferences

We tailor your diet according to your needs and preferences.

Health Goals

We tailor our plan to your health goals and needs so that you are able to achieve your goals faster

Body Constitution

Each of us have a unique inherent composition and make up.

Season & Origin

Food that are seasonal and locally available

Stress and Lifestyle

We analyse your current lifestyle and habits and help you build new ones and suggest practices that make you feel your best.


We include your favourite foods in our plan

Get your personalised report now

  • Get a complete list of foods to 'favor' and 'Avoid' in your diet.

  • Learn what time and in what proportion you should consume your meals.

  • Recommended lifestyle changes and simple home remedies for your goals